Trig esports 2015 Roster

Who made the cut

Trig Social Media AB (Frankfurt , Xetra :Trig) announces its 2015 Roster of its esports stars.

With the development of this division moving rapidly we are pleased to identify the various games we cover with our Galaxy of world Champion teams and players.

League of Legends:
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Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño

The most popular League of Legends player on earth, world champion and three times European champion.

Paul “sOAZ” Boyer

A talented veteran playing alongside xPeke for the last three years and sharing his achievements.

Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider

After winning the North American championship with TSM, Maurice has returned to his home turf.

Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre

Regarded as one of the best supports, he led Lemondogs to the top the table at the S3 LCS Summer Split.

Jesper “Niels” Svenningsen

The most promising player in Europe, aiming to use his teammates experience to become one of the best.

SMITE: Team Trig

Simon “Zimpstar” Hagert

Widely known in the SMITE community as the most avid coach/manager in the scene with a passion for winning.

Jeppe “Trixtank” Gylling

Most aggressive support in Europe, backed up by raw skill and a lovable personality.

Anders “Qvofred” Korsbo

A pure terror to have against you, incredible map awareness and game knowledge make him the best jungler in Europe.

Emil “Lawbster” Evensen

One of the SMITE titans, extremely established player and well rounded. Trig SMITE's captain.

Kieran “Funball” Patidar

One of the SMITE ‘innovators’, constantly bringing forth new tactics to gain an advantage over his opponent.

Jeroen “Xaliea” Klaver

Considered the best 1vs1 player in the world. Xaliea is a mechanical monster who will dismantle all who challenges him.

FIFA15: Team Trig

Ivan “BorasLegend” Lapanje

FIFA world champion who will consistently compete at the top level of any given tournament. Very passionate and skilled to an extreme extent.

Starcraft II: Team Trig

Jang “MC” Min Chul

Also know as “boss toss”, highest grossing SC2 player in history with almost $500k under his belt. Equally skilled as he is entertaining to watch.

Hearthstone: Team Trig

Jan “Faramir” Engelmann

Has participated in plenty of tournaments with great success. In December last year, he won both Tavern Takeover III and Heroes of Cards 2014 – Cup #4.

Daniel “DTwo” Ikuta

Most famous for being placed 3-4 on the BlizzCon 2014 and for winning the Battle of the Best, which is a Best-of-Five series with some of the best players in the world competing.

Harald “Powder” Gimre

Harald managed to snatch the silver medal from the Inaugural Kinguin Invitational Tournament in December last year.


Are you ready

The Pro Gamer Team Esport circuit ("The PGT circuit")

Trig esports has the ambition to set up an esports world tour organized similarly to the Formula one circus with monthly events in the major capitals across Europe and Asia.


What do you want to watch today

Online, Linear and Satellite

Trig TV is an online media-streaming platform that produces exclusive content in-house, distributes branded content and user-generated content to a global audience. Trig TV seeks through its esports engagement, i.e. the reality show and live streaming of events, to establish the means, motivation and creativity to ignite a new era in content development. Trig esports channel will stream matches with expert commenting in tournaments especially focusing on the Pro Gamer Teams to be announced.


Streaming live events and broadcasting the esports reality show

Produce and broadcast a number of TV shows to capture the whole spectrum of esports

Trig has begun planning for the immediate production of three different shows to be broadcasted during different phases with the first one beginning late 2014. First, the TV series “From Zero To Hero” - a global reality show where the audience follows unknown players climb from amateur to professional players.

An amateur tournament in “League of Legends” will be held online in order to single out a chosen few. Secondly, a complementary show to “From Zero To Hero” will provide a live “Fanview”-experience giving viewers and fans of the show the chance to get closer. Trig will also produce an esports Studio News show broadcasted four times a week. The show will invite stars and profiles from the world of esports and discuss current esports events.


The Near Future for Trig|esports

Trig is moving into esports since its defined by player passion and user engagement. Trig will cross sell with products like Trig Money to earn revenue and to Trig TV to claim a stake in Live streaming TV. We understand that the Internet has united people all across the world to turn esports from a niche past time to a hugely popular phenomenon. A phenomenon that has seen explosive growth in recent years. Viewership has gone from the hundreds to millions with just a few years. Nowadays, over 35 million viewers watch gaming-related content broadcasted over Twitch every month. The five top games has more 150 million frequent players around the world. Prize pools have gone from a pittance to millions. Now more than ever, players are considering pro-gaming as a valid career.

To meet the demand from this market, Trig will start a professional esports team, produce and stream a new reality TV-series and build the worlds first dedicated esports arena in a suitable location. Trig has great ambitions and aim at taking an overall grip on the whole fragmented esport business.

Trig Social Media